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Since 1988, we have operated a fabrication and repair business for the agricultural, municipal, manufacturing and commercial industries. We specialize in stainless steel and also work with mild steel and aluminum.

Pierre and Darla Chouinard established Pro-Tran late in 1988, to do business in metal fabrication and welding. Pro-Tran is short for Professional Transportation repair. The leased buildings containing some equipment to start the business were located in Hindsboro, Illinois. Shortly after starting the business we purchased the facility from Bill Kauffman, Darla’s father. Bill Kauffman, owner of Bulk-Tek Sales and Leasing, Inc. helped Pro-Tran by sending overflow work and lending guidance on repair and fabrication procedures. With this influence, Pro-Tran was headed in the direction of tank and trailer repair. As experience was gained and equipment acquired, various and interesting fabrication and repair projects became possible.

In 2002, Pro-Tran relocated to a new facility in Charleston. The modern facility has improved efficiency and allowed us to grow the business.

Pro-Tran has come a long way since 1988. We now perform short run production type work for local industries as well as major restoration to damaged and wrecked tank trailers and various equipment.

We look forward to many more opportunities providing services to the transportation and manufacturing industries, agricultural, commercial and to independent customers as well.


Examples of types of work we do are:

  • DOT Inspections and HM 183 Testing
  • Replace corroded tank trailer frames, bolsters, upper couplers and suspension.
  • Lengthen trailers
  • Restore damaged tank shells on trailers and nurse tanks.
  • Fabricate and install baffles.
  • Stainless sparge lines, pump cabinets. Hose troughs and light boxes.
  • Fabricate and install fire truck water tanks.
  • Repair aluminum dump bodies including floors, sideposts, etc.
  • Fabricate stainless steel fertilizer bins, hoppers and tanks.
  • Fabricate and install stainless steel nurse tanks.
  • Insulate and Jacket tanks.

Capabilities: (Machine)

  • CNC Plasma Cutting System 72" X 144"
  • Shear ¼" Mild Steel X 10’
  • Shear 3/16" Stainless Steel X 10’
  • Break up to 3/8" X 10’
  • Roll up to 3/16" X 13’


Stocked Materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Sheets and Plate
  • Structural Steel
  • Pipe
  • Angle
  • Tubing


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